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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

jenn-air repair boise

Some Microware Repair Steps for Jenn-Air

The microwave is one of the friendliest appliances in your kitchen. Barely half a century ago, it would have been difficult to imagine cooking without the involvement of an oven or a fire. Now cooking has become so dependent on the microwave for many people that if a snag develops and the microwave stops functioning, it can create a lot of cooking discomfort in the home. It can certainly increase the time you spend in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

Cut the Power

You can always try to fix your Jenn-Air microwave on your own at home. Disconnect the unit from the power supply before you start attempting a repair. As a second step, make sure to discharge the capacitor of your microwave properly. The capacitor stores reserve power in the unit, so you need to discharge this power beforehand.

Basic Tests

To identify the problem with your Jenn-Air microwave, remove the outer shell by unscrewing it from the back and underneath. Once you have done that, there are three check points that you ought to look at. The first is the door switch, the second the fan motor, and the third is a blown fuse. You can test the door switch with a VOM meter on RX1. If it is found to be faulty, you will have to replace it. You should test both door switches while you are on the job.

Possible Culprits

If the door switch is working fine, you should look at the fan and test whether it has stopped working. If the VOM meter on RX1 shows the needle on infinity, it indicates that the fan motor has developed a defect, and needs to be replaced. The third basic area to be test is the fuse. You can pull out the fuse with a fuse puller, and test both its ends with a VOM meter on RX1. If the results are anything but zero, replace the fuse with another of the same type.

Your Final Solution

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