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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Appliance Repair Boise | Appliance Gaskets

How to Replace a Gasket in Your Home Appliances?

As the owner of a Appliance Repair Boise company, one of the most common and basic components in major home appliances such as a refrigerator or a washing machine is the gasket. The role of a gasket is to prevent leakage of air and water, and in the process increasing the efficiency of the appliance. If the gasket of your home appliance has failed, it must be replaced at the earliest possibility.

Inspect the Gasket

You can conduct a physical inspection of the gasket to determine whether it needs a replacement. The gasket should feel spongy, but if you find that it has hardened, or it has developed cracks and tears at places, it needs to be replaced. Rather than go for a universal, one-size-fits-all gasket, you should replace a defective gasket with a new one that is specifically designed for your appliance.

Clean Before Installation

While replacing an old gasket with a new one, you can follow a few simple steps to do the job efficiently on your own. As a first step, remove the old, faulty gasket. If it is channel mounted, you must it pull out of the channel carefully. In case it is flush mounted, you can take out the fasteners, retaining strip or panel to remove the old gasket. Before you are ready to install a new gasket, clean the gasket area with liquid detergent and warm water thoroughly. Thereafter, allow it to dry completely.

It should be Smooth

Now you can begin installing the new gasket, easing it around the corners and smoothing it evenly into its place. If the manufacturer specifies the use of gasket cement, you must follow the guideline. If you are placing a channel mounted gasket, use a splinting tool to press it into place. No part of the new gasket should be curled under or sticking up, and the entire gasket must be smoothly positioned. Finally, use mineral spirits to remove any excess gasket cement, but make sure the appliance’s finish is not damaged in the process.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

jenn-air repair boise

Some Microware Repair Steps for Jenn-Air

The microwave is one of the friendliest appliances in your kitchen. Barely half a century ago, it would have been difficult to imagine cooking without the involvement of an oven or a fire. Now cooking has become so dependent on the microwave for many people that if a snag develops and the microwave stops functioning, it can create a lot of cooking discomfort in the home. It can certainly increase the time you spend in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

Cut the Power

You can always try to fix your Jenn-Air microwave on your own at home. Disconnect the unit from the power supply before you start attempting a repair. As a second step, make sure to discharge the capacitor of your microwave properly. The capacitor stores reserve power in the unit, so you need to discharge this power beforehand.

Basic Tests

To identify the problem with your Jenn-Air microwave, remove the outer shell by unscrewing it from the back and underneath. Once you have done that, there are three check points that you ought to look at. The first is the door switch, the second the fan motor, and the third is a blown fuse. You can test the door switch with a VOM meter on RX1. If it is found to be faulty, you will have to replace it. You should test both door switches while you are on the job.

Possible Culprits

If the door switch is working fine, you should look at the fan and test whether it has stopped working. If the VOM meter on RX1 shows the needle on infinity, it indicates that the fan motor has developed a defect, and needs to be replaced. The third basic area to be test is the fuse. You can pull out the fuse with a fuse puller, and test both its ends with a VOM meter on RX1. If the results are anything but zero, replace the fuse with another of the same type.

Your Final Solution

For Jenn-Air microwave repairs that are beyond your skill-set, you can talk to a customer care executive at Western Appliance Repair, Boise, Idaho. Western Appliance Repair is a leading company providing most effective repair solutions for almost all your home appliances in any make or model. Whether it is a Jenn-Air microwave or another appliance of another brand in Boise, Meridian or Eagle, just call Western Appliance Repair at 208-863-3702. Western services most of the top appliance brands, including Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Maytag, GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Amana. Their repair technicians are experienced in handling repairs for washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and ranges of various makes and models. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

dryer repair boise

The dryer ducts, whether it be maytag, kenmore, whirlpool, ge, or frigidaire, needs the proper exhaust housing, and the seals that are in the air passages should be nearly air tight.  As previously stated, this is necessary to prevent cold air from entering the air stream between the heater and the drum, and to prevent moisture and lint-laden air from getting into the dryer mechanism.  Our Boise dryer repair specialist says that when you encounter a dryer appliance which has excessive lint in the mechanism or elsewhere in the dryer, be sure to clean and inspect these parts.  In many cases, you will be able to restore normal airflow passage by replacing belt seals, gaskets, or dryer ducting on your Maytag, Kenmore, or Whirlpool appliance.  Cabinet dis assembly and sometimes drum removal will be necessary to reach these parts for servicing.  While you are at it, be sure to remove as much of the lint as possible.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Appliance Repair | Refrigerator too cold

What to do when Food Starts Freezing in your Refrigerator?
Whether you own a Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, or any other brand of refrigerator, it is ultimately only a machine which can develop a fault any time. One of the common problems that may occur in your refrigerator is that it may start freezing the food abnormally. If you are facing this problem, before you call a professional refrigerator repair service company, try to review the problem yourself.
Changing the Food Positions or Locations
As a first step, test the inside temperature of the refrigerator. The regular inner temperature should vary anywhere between 35 and 40 degrees. If you notice that the temperature is close to 35° or slightly lower than that, you can increase the temperature using the thermostat switch. If you do not find anything particularly wrong with the temperature, just try to change the placement of sensitive food items to the lower shelves, which are usually warmer than the upper shelves. Just because something froze does not mean your fridge is having issues as well; there is not any reason to call in a professional just yet.
Calling in an Appliance Technician
However, if you realize that even after making adjustments with the thermostat and changing the placement of sensitive foods the problem of freezing food continues to persist, the thermostat may have become faulty, requiring a replacement. You may need to call up an appliance repair Boise company for this job. The repair technician will first try to identify the real problem. If the thermostat is fine, there could be other issues such as a defective air damper, cold air migration, or a leaking sealed refrigerant system. This should not be guesswork; this is where a professional should have their say.
A Professional within Reach
Western Appliance Repair company is one of the leading professional domestic appliance service companies in Boise, Idaho. Whether it is refrigerator repair boise, washer repair, oven repair, or repair for any other home appliances of any brand, Western Appliance Repair Boise is one of the most competent and experienced repair companies in your area. Call them up for quick and efficient appliance repair solutions at an affordable price.