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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Appliance Repair | Refrigerator too cold

What to do when Food Starts Freezing in your Refrigerator?
Whether you own a Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, GE, Hotpoint, or any other brand of refrigerator, it is ultimately only a machine which can develop a fault any time. One of the common problems that may occur in your refrigerator is that it may start freezing the food abnormally. If you are facing this problem, before you call a professional refrigerator repair service company, try to review the problem yourself.
Changing the Food Positions or Locations
As a first step, test the inside temperature of the refrigerator. The regular inner temperature should vary anywhere between 35 and 40 degrees. If you notice that the temperature is close to 35° or slightly lower than that, you can increase the temperature using the thermostat switch. If you do not find anything particularly wrong with the temperature, just try to change the placement of sensitive food items to the lower shelves, which are usually warmer than the upper shelves. Just because something froze does not mean your fridge is having issues as well; there is not any reason to call in a professional just yet.
Calling in an Appliance Technician
However, if you realize that even after making adjustments with the thermostat and changing the placement of sensitive foods the problem of freezing food continues to persist, the thermostat may have become faulty, requiring a replacement. You may need to call up an appliance repair Boise company for this job. The repair technician will first try to identify the real problem. If the thermostat is fine, there could be other issues such as a defective air damper, cold air migration, or a leaking sealed refrigerant system. This should not be guesswork; this is where a professional should have their say.
A Professional within Reach
Western Appliance Repair company is one of the leading professional domestic appliance service companies in Boise, Idaho. Whether it is refrigerator repair boise, washer repair, oven repair, or repair for any other home appliances of any brand, Western Appliance Repair Boise is one of the most competent and experienced repair companies in your area. Call them up for quick and efficient appliance repair solutions at an affordable price.

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