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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Dryer Safety Hazard

The pictures that I'm showing here is of a used dryer that was sold locally here in Boise.  The company that sold the dryer had removed all of the safety thermostat wiring to prevent the thermostats from "blowing" due to an overheat condition and thus avert a irate call back to the shop for them to "fix the dryer you sold us.

Folks, these safety thermostats are there for a reason and they are VERY important.  If your house vent is restricted it will cause the dryer to overheat.  These thermostats are meant to blow and thus prevent a overheat condition and avert a potential fire.  They will also prevent a over-current condition which is shown in one of the photos.  When wires burn like this the electricity should be shut down by the very components that this company had bypassed. 

This Boise company has been warned to quit what they are doing.  I have seen at least five of these dryers and I inform my customers that the dryer is junk and I will not take the responsibility of fixing a unsafe dryer.  We do not want to have a house burn down and have anything be attributed to our company, Western Appliance.  Please be aware folks!

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